The Mental Health App Market is projected to reach US$3,709.3 Million by 2027 – a sign that people are increasingly turning to tech solutions to boost mental health and general wellbeing. Isolation and worrisome global events mean that athletes need more support than ever in coping with day-to-day life. But barriers such as stigma, lack of access to care, or strict stay-at-home orders can mean this support is unavailable. And more so for some people. An equitable, inclusive future requires mental health and wellbeing technologies that cater to all – including underprivileged communities like BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and people with disabilities.

Girls in Tech believes that technology has the power to create inclusive experiences for all communities. We’re committed to empowering women to solve global problems using their unique and valuable tech skills – be it engineering, designing, product development, coding, or data science. Join us in exploring, ideating, and designing technology that will bring mental health and wellbeing support to those who need it most.



Here are some ideas of challenges you could help develop a solution for:

  • Accessibility: Safe mapping systems for disabled communities.
  • Inclusivity: LGBTQIA+-centered hub to help users tap into self-care and mindfulness.
  • Remote care: Digital systems to match therapists based on personality and specific needs. 
  • Education: Gamified mindfulness activities to teach people about mental health.
  • Self-help: Health tracking/optimization tools such as alert systems for panic attacks.



  Team Formation Build Period Judging
Sprint October 11 - October 29 November 1 - November 26 November 29 - December 17


Step Topic Main content
# 1 Registration In Devpost, click the “Register” button and create an account.
# 2 Join Slack Workspace Join the Slack Workspace: Girls in Tech Mental Health for All Hackathon and introduce yourself in the #welcome channel! 
# 3 Recruit team members If you’re looking for team members, you can also find teammates at or post you’re looking for a team in the #find-teammates Slack channel.
# 4 Create a team channel in Slack Feel free to create your own channel in Slack and invite all of your team members to it.
# 5 Review rules and challenges Review the rules and guidelines on Devpost and challenge project ideas: Girls in Tech Mental Health for All Hackathon
# 6 Prototype, build, and test! Work on your challenge project and submit via Devpost. It is highly recommended to reach out to your team members through Slack
# 7 Submit! Submit your completed project by the Sprint deadline.



In order to receive these prizes, you must submit your completed project to the Girls in Tech Hackathon Devpost by November 26, 2021.




  • Individual participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Teams are welcome to sign up as a group of up to five members with at least three women per team or as individuals.



   1. Build a functioning MVP ready for immediate use.


    2. Develop a prototype concept for an application that can later become a functioning product. 


All of the following items must be included in your submission to the Girls in Tech Devpost page:

1. Submission form 

  • Submit your project to the Girls in Tech Devpost before the deadline and complete the submission form questionnaire. Submissions (including video/code links) are editable until the deadline.

    • Introduction
    • Purpose & Motivation
    • How does the application work?
    • How was the application developed?
    • How to use the application
    • Difficulties & Challenges faced during the design and/or development process.
    • Go-to-Market (How will the application be available to the public, and is it scalable?)


2. Video

  • Upload a short video demo of your product, including an explanation of the function and solution. This video can be submitted as a Youtube link on your Devpost page for your project.
  • Videos should be a maximum of 3 minutes long.


3. GitHub or other code repo link

  • Please ensure that this link is publicly shareable so judges can access your project


4. Provide images, screenshots, & wireframes of your project


* By submitting your project to the Girls in Tech Hackathon Devpost, you acknowledge that these materials may be used to promote this hackathon globally.

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$5,000 in prizes

1st Place

- $2,650 Cash Prize

2nd Place

- $1,600 Cash Prize

3rd Place

- $750 Cash Prize

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Margaret Wang

Margaret Wang
Engineering Director at Nike

Clemence Tiradon

Clemence Tiradon
Sr Director Direct Product at Nike

Tanushri Sundar

Tanushri Sundar
Global Technology Rotational Engineer at Nike

Laura Greer

Laura Greer
Martech Product Manager at Converse

Kathleen Jungck

Kathleen Jungck
Principal Security Architect at Nike

Eric Enders

Eric Enders
Sr. Director, Digital Product Management, Retail at Nike

Jessica Ratner

Jessica Ratner
Sr. Transition Manager at Nike

Judging Criteria

  • Originality
    Is the idea original and innovative?
  • User Experience
    Is the design user-centric, easy to navigate, and intuitive?
  • Business
    Can the application be transformed into an MVP ( Minimum Viable Product), be profitable, and scalable?
  • Usefulness
    Is the application addressing real issues the users are facing? Does the application provide user research or validation.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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